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Down on Biden? Wake Up!

While everyone’s busy whining about their lives and how old President Biden is, it's easy to forget that he stepped into the ugliest mess ever left by a prior President and

1.    Ended the COVID pandemic by getting Americans vaccinated;

2.   Prevented Russia from invading and stealing Ukraine;

3.   Kept inflation below every other industrialized country;

4.  Allocated billions to keep American incomes from disappearing;

5.  Created 12,000,000 new jobs and minuscule unemployment;

6.  Brought the American economy to record highs;

7.   Proposed the toughest-ever protections for our borders;

8.   Invested billions in keeping climate change from incinerating the earth;

9.   Reestablished American leadership of world nations and NATO;

10.  Restored decency and dignity to the Presidency. . .

. . .among other things.


Might be a good idea to quit quivering about whatever he isn’t, and forcefully remind people who he is and what he will keep on doing.

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