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About Eliot Daley

I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of gratifying collaborations: producing “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”, advising philanthropists and corporations on their charitable giving, creating strategy for health care organizations, developing computer-based psychotherapy services, advising companies on organizational development and change-management, managing strategy for a brain-monitoring medical device company, and, finally, serving as executive coach to senior leaders. I have also founded or co-founded some non-profit service organizations of which I’m proud.

My personal life is undeservedly full of grace emanating from 60+ years of marriage to Patti, the admirable lives of our daughters Ali and Shannon, son Jad, and grandchildren Andrea, Campbell, Connor, Tucker, Riley, Micah, and Sophie.  We split the year between our home in P:rinceton, NJ, and our farmstead on the Maine coast.  While the act of writing is what most keeps me in touch with my feelings, my deepest daily delight is any interaction with family members and other friends.   That, along with music, (anything from ZZ Top to Erik Satie, Mozart to Jim Croce) high-performance cars, golf, and boating. 

Being Fred Rogers’ friend and partner early on (I was president of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood company and wrote a number of the programs with him) dramatically deepened my understanding of what it means to bring out the best in others. Consequently, I have adopted a favorite definition of love: “to yearn for the fulfillment of another person on their own terms”.  I hope that my writing reflects such a view.

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